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How is this assessment different from the others?

Leadership is a complicated combination of many skills, behaviors and practices.  Often while we are focusing on some of them, others may not be getting appropriate attention and focus. 

This assessment looks at leadership holistically and comprehensively, and addresses all of the skills, practices and behaviors required of leaders.  This assessment identifies the areas we are doing well at and those we’re not spending enough time on.  It’s a very practical approach with results that are clear and provide direction on where to leverage our strengths and where to focus for growth and development.  The results are not gimmicky nor do they put you in prescribed boxes or categories with generic descriptions.  There is no required training to read and understand your results.  The results are completely confidential and will appear immediately once you complete the assessment.

This assessment takes 20-30 minutes to complete.  You can exit at any point and return to finish later.  The output is only as good as the input so be honest with yourself.  It’s all to help you be the best leader you can be.


If you don't finish the assessment you will be able to log back in later to finish it.


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